This page is fairly simple - it simply lists each of the skills in a given skill group. To go to the individual help file for the skill, just click on it. Easy!
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forget wizard mark permanency
alter self frost shroud enlarge
reduce disjunction alter elements
alter armor
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demonfire dispel evil dispel good
earthquake flamestrike heat metal
ray of truth dispel neutral
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absorption alter beast ancient vow
instant regeneration infuriate wind breath
enhance constitution aura of pain
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calm charm person sleep
restore mind
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imbue bless calm
frenzy holy word remove curse
know religion
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acid blast burning hands chain lightning
chill touch color spray fireball
magic missile shocking grasp blizzra
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continual light create food create spring
create water create rose floating disc
create holy symbol create tree
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cure blindness cure disease cure poison
cure bugbear bite cure fatigue
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detect evil detect good detect hidden
detect invis detect magic detect poison
farsight identify know alignment
locate object know languages
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Divine Blessings
holy flame holy presence displacement
nurishment enhanced recovery endurance
mental drain bind soul cure deafness
faerie flames mend wounds dispel curse
divine intervention meteo
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blizzard firestorm summon elemental
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scorch summon tree root
firebolt shield crater summon stonelord
haste crater sun blast
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armor enchant armor enchant weapon fireproof
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Enhanced Enchantment
disenchant withering enchant restore weapon
restore armor interlace spirit enchant gem
animate object waves of weariness jest
involuntary wizardry enchanting touch continual light
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giant strength haste infravision
refresh water breathing
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Greater Illusions
spook blur mirror image
vacancy summon shadow rainbow pattern
improved invisibility false image blend
imposter paralyze
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cause critical cause light cause serious
harm cause decay cause fatality
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cure critical cure light cure serious
heal mass healing refresh
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empower weapon turn undead lay on hands
divine protection locate empower remove empower
summon warhorse
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Hymns of Life
song of healing travel tune stone fountain
99 bottles of beer on the wall
the torch burns shield of words
wake the dead reveal all the roosters crow
the marriage song song of peace
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invis mass invis ventriloquate
self projection
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alarm antimagic shell cone of cold
cone of fire cone of lightning bind golem
darkness nondetection web
dispel protection
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call wild bark skin protection cold
protection fire
entangle create ranger staff nature growth
swarm wrathofnature enhance seed
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blindness change sex curse
energy drain plague poison
slow weaken heart blight
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bone blight scourge shadowform
animate dead feign death empath
embalm graft flesh locate remains
death shroud withstand death corpse host
black curse soul harvest prevent recovery
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armor cancellation dispel magic
fireproof protection evil protection good
sanctuary shield stone skin
protection fire protection cold protection neutral
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create runestaff courage damned
spell eating fortitude breaking
furnace sure striking destruction
Cliath's Hammer
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Skald Chants
chant of accuracy dirge of detection requiem of wayfaring
call to arms melody of meditation jubilee of regeneration
war howl yelp of aggression warble of arrest
rousal of resistance
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fly gate nexus
pass door portal summon
teleport word of recall
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dark essence dark heal dark bolt
summon nightmare dark empower fasting
intimidate dark energy dark immunity
summon deathknight
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War Hymns
song of war piercing winds we come, we come
lullaby weakness within no eyes
song of charm nightmare release me
green leaf screeching banshee
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Way of the Moon
moon gaze eclipse being mind crater
moon pull moon shadow
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Way of the Stars
summon lavalord summon earthlord summon whomping willow
summon treant summon gryffon
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Way of the Sun
inferno fire bomb solar flare
vortex of the sun rain of fire
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call lightning control weather faerie fire
faerie fog lightning bolt tornado
magewind fog dispel fog
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create cauldron silence fear
find familiar possess familiar splinter
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crucify holy steed
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leprosy wither soulsight
spiritwalk beastform thunderclap
snakebite poultice shrink head hex
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