10 CP to pick one, 8 CP for a random one
You are a light sleeper.
Gives you the ability to detect various things even while sleeping. People walking in,
Speech, Actions etc. Wakes you up easier when magically slept.
You are exceptionally calm in combat.
Greater success when you type flee. +4 hit. Immune to panic enemy
You are exceptionally intelligent.
+2 int, +1 wis.
You have a good knowledge of weaponry.
All weapon skills begin at 40%, your chosen weapon starts at 75%. Increased damage.
You have an affinity to magic.
+1 Casting Level
You are resistant to magic.
-4 saves
You are exceptionally agile.
+2 dex. Helps with all skill checks.
You are large for your race.
+2 con, -1 dex. +1 size. +2hp per level.
You have a deep perception of beings.
Lets you see Auras around most beings. Gold means the character/mob is good.
Red means they are evil.
You are very healthy.
Slightly Increased Regeneration Rate and resistant to disease and poison.


-3 CP to pick one, -5 CP for a random one
You have trouble sleeping.

You suffer from horrible nightmares.
Randomly wakes you up in your sleep
You are completely insane.
Everything from seeing things that aren't there,
to hearing voices, to just screaming you head
off. The Insanity Flaw has it all
You have an obsessive hatred for a random race.
A randomly chosen race is picked and whenever
your in the same room as that race, It will automatically
spam your hatred for that race. In the world of PK you
will attack that race without choice.
You are deaf.
Can't hear tells, say, or other IC channels
You are vulnerable to magic.
+2 or +3 saves
You are illiterate.
Can't read/write notes, knotes, etc. - int.
You lost an arm in a childhood accident.
Can't wear shield or secondary weapon
You cannot speak.
Can't talk tells, say, or other IC channels
You suffer from a nervous tic.
Randomly twitch every now and then,
It's not for those that like to rely on Hide and Sneak
You suffer from narcolepsy.
Randomly fall asleep every few ticks for no reason.
You are exceptionally weak and frail.

Merit Level

Characters that have not chosen a merit or flaw at creation can choose to
'quest' for a merit level once they have completed their training. You can
only quest for a merit. You cannot quest for a flaw. This is called
questing for a 'merit level'.

To begin work on a merit level, go to your guildmaster and type 'merit'.

You will now have a notification in your score that you have 30000
experience points to achieve before you receive your merit (understand, the
merit is completely random).