DSL Webpage maps
This page is the main map site from the DSL Homepage. It contains maps on most of the basic areas up until a few years ago.

DSL Walking Directions Google Guide

DSL Underworld Directions & Info!

Sunshine's DSL Guides and stuff
This site is created by a player (Sunshine, clearly!) and contains maps and/or directions to most of the newer areas among other things like:
  • Maps of Algoron: Oceans, Continents and other Waterways - Ideal for sailing, dragon flying and swashbuckler dolphin riding. Original four continents mapped by Perr Shadowfin and Crojik Samsonite, Shokono added by Gradilus Sha'qelas Seolfor, Modified by Sunshine.
  • Map of Shalonesti and Housing District - Up to date as of 11/20/09. I started with this one as a guide then updated and expanded, literally, upon it. Added: A tab with a map of the Vallenwood Village (Housing District)
  • Areas by Alignment - Pretty self explanatory. Work in progress.
  • New Areas - With the addition of so many new areas and the recent return of people who have been gone for months or even years (myself included), this is a compiled list of new(ish) areas.
  • Level 25 Gear - A list compiled for newly reclassed level 25 hitters and casters, including walking directions so that they can equip themselves.
  • Abaddon and Swampy Bog Map - The guildmasters are all located along Depravity Lane and are not shown in detail for the purpose of making you go find out where they are.