Area Name (Area Level) - Starting Point - Dirs (Notes)

Althainia Sewers (1-5) - Althainia Market Square - 2s, d
  • Mediocre at best; few mobs, some dangerous areas. Mostly evil, some neutral.
Elemental Canyon (1-16) - Althainia Market Square - 6e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, d, s, 4u, n, d
  • Mediocre, almost all neutral or evil. Some spit acid, some are aggressive.
Faerie Forest (1-5) - Althainia Market Square - 6e, 5s
  • Few mobs. All evil. Not that great a spot.
Gully Dwarves (1-5) - Althainia Market Square - 7e, n
  • Decent. Mostly neutral and good, some harder mobs with names. Can get easy too fast.
Mud School (1-5) - Althainia Market Square - n 3, u 2 (Also up from any other bindstone.)
  • Excellent zone, you can stay here until level 6. At level 6 you can no longer move around so you have to just recall. All aligns, though mostly good and neutral.
  • The diploma is in the northwest cage; kill the kender and go northeast.
Squatter Village (1-5) - Althainia Market Square - 6e, 3n, 2e, s
  • Decent, all mobs evil. Tarnished rings are +4 str. Gets obsolete quickly; better to stay in mud school.

Sub Issue Gladiator Arena (1-8) - Althainia Market Square - 6s, e, s, 2e, s, 2e, open east, e
  • Good training area, though gets obsolete quickly. All mobs evil.

The Lost Cave (4-8) - From Icewall Port: .6n;u;.3e

Training Grounds (1-15) - Arkania Port - 6e, se, s, se, 2e, se, 4s, sw, 3s, sw, s, open south, s, 4w, 5s, 2e, 3s, 3e, 4n, ne, n
  • Excellent training area, though difficult to get to unless you're in marauders.

Yinn Encampment (1-15) - From Icewall Port: 6n, 2nw, w, 2n, nw, 2w, nw, 2w, 2n, w

Dwarven Training Camp (1-15) - From Althainian Market Square: 3w, 4n, 2e, 7n, e, 2n, w, 2n, 10w, 5n, down

Stony Barrens (1-15) - From New Thalos Market Square: 6w, 4n

Kingdom of Aghar (1-15) - From Althainia Market Square: 3e, 4n, 2w, 8n, u, n, ne, 3nw, 2w, s, sw
  • Be wary if you are unwelcome in Thaxanos, as this area is right outside the dwarven kingdom. The guards will attack you, especially if you are an elf.

The Garrison (1-15) - From Althainia Market Square: 4e, 3n, w, ne

The Bre Amaethdai (1-15) - From Icewall Port: 6n, u, w, n, 2nw, n, nw, u, 3n

Ice Crystal Caverns (1-15) - From Icewall Port: ne, e, ne, 2n, 7w, u, e, d
  • Beware that this area leads into Darkonin, where many kingdoms and clans are not welcome and will be attacked by guards.

Mystic Crystal Fields (1-15) - From Arkane Town Center: 17e, u

Old Lanstone Village (1-15) - From Arkane Town Center: 4w, 4s, 4e, 10s, w, sw, w

Coalthen Farm (1-15) - from the Colossal Tree: s; .2w, .2s; w;. 4s; sw; se; s; sw; se; 2s;. 4e; s; 3w; u

Mired Banks (1-15) - All west from Verminasia's west gate. (gate to angry beaver)

Old Thalos (7-10) - Althainia Market Square - 6e, 4s, 4w
  • Excellent training area. Kill lamias and mimics only. Lamias are aggressive, but drop useful +stat floats and level 8 daggers.

Haon Daran/(Shire) (5-10) - Althainia Market Square - 5w, 4n
  • Now called Haon Daran, basically a restrung Shire. All mobs neutral or good.

Galaxy (5-10) - Althainia Market Square - 13w, s, 2w, 2s, w, s, 3w, n, w, 2n, wander (look for vortex), u
  • Not so great as a leveling zone. Good eq there though. All/most mobs good.

University of Althainia (5-10) - Althainia Market Square - 3w, 3s, e
  • Excellent lowbie training area. Professors give the most XP plus some drop +4int neck items. All mobs are evil.

Native Village (5-15) - Tropica Port - 2se, 3s, 2SW, w, SW, 3s, SW, 2w, n
  • Excellent area, if you can get there. All mobs are evil.

**The Farmstead** (5-15) - From Arkane Town Center : . 10n; open east; e; 2n; nw; 2w; nw; n

Bastille (5-10) - Arkania Port - 5e, 2s, w
  • Another excellent training area, though difficult to get to from Althainia. All mobs are plentiful and evil. No useful items.

Nomad Village (cows) (5-10) - Althainia Market Square - 3e, 4n, 2w, 7n, 9e, 5n
  • A staple of lowbie leveling. Cows can be one-rounded as a hitter or zapped with lightning wands as a caster. Cows are only in the pasture. Cows are evil.

**Gnomish Aviary** (8-15) - From Outside Arkane's south gate 3s; 5e; n

Wyvern's Tower (8-25) - Althainia Market Square - 6e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, d, 8e
  • Mediocre leveling spot. All mobs evil. Some are aggressive.

Nomad Village (10-20) - Althainia Market Square - 3e, 4n, 2w, 7n, 9e
  • Exellent leveling spot, though tends to have someone already there clearing the place out. Kill the mobs in this order as you grow stronger: cows, children, females, males, guards, leader. All mobs evil.

Glassrose Mansion (10-20) - Arkania Port - 24e, n
  • All good-aligned. A very good spot if your usual leveling spots are cleared.

Valley of Bones (10-20) - From Tropica Port: sw; 2w; se; s; sw; 2w; sw; sw; s

Hidden Temple of Evil (10-30) - Arkane Town Center - 10n, open west, w
  • Pilgrims are easiest, but sneak and hide-- need "detect hidden" to get the most out of them. Plant demon and demon creature are aggressive. Then work on guards and acolytes inside once pilgrims give low xp. All mobs evil.
  • Killing the guards outside the door will drop the key. The acolytes inside are vulnerable to piercing damage and can easily be defeated at level 20

New Thalos Bath House (10-15) - New Thalos Market - 4n, e
  • Excellent spot, though repops slowly. All mobs good, dirty bather neutral.
Ice Prison (10-25) - Icewall Port - 2nw, 2w, nw, n, nw, n, nw, n, nw, w, nw, n, nw, w, 2n, ne, 6e, se, 2e,
4s, w, s, e, 3s, d, 9s, sw, open south, 2s, e, 3s, d. All mobs are evil.
- Alternate Route - 2nw, 2w, nw, n, nw, n, nw, n, nw, 3e, se, 2e, se, 2s, e, ne, open north, n, e, n, w, n, w, 2n, 2e, 2s, d.

Centaur Village (13-20) - From Arkane Town Center: .13e; n

New Ofcol (15-25) - Althainia Recall - 2s, 3e, 3n, 7n, 6e, 4n
  • All good-aligned. Sanced mobs usually are much tougher. Cityguards drop decent plate gear, Diana drops the holy avenger (but is much tougher).

The Hedgemaze (15-30) - From Althainia Market Square: 13w, 2n, e, 2n, w, n, u, n

Hunting the Sandworm (15-30) - From New Thalos Market Square: 10s, e

Shalondaerl Forest (15-30) - From Althainia Market Square: 4e, 3n, 2w, 5n, e, n, nw, 2n, 6w, sw, nw, 3w, 5n, e, nw

Le Theatre Macabre (15-30) - From Althainia Market Square: 13w, s, 2w, 2s, w, 4s, 2sw, s, 2se, 2s, 2e, se, e, 5s, 3w, n
  • Note: The Theatre is -in- Abaddon. If you are unwelcome in Abaddon the guards will attack you. Make sure to check welcome abaddon so you won't get yourself killed.

Trative Mountain (15-30) - From Tropica Port: 2se, 3s, 2sw, 2w, 4s, sw, 5w, nw, e
  • Note: Some aggie mobs

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(15-30) - Directions from Arkane Town Center: 12n; open east; e; n; w; se

The Mystic Vaults (15-30) - From Inside Arkane's south gate: 6s; sw; 2s; nw; nw; n

Highland Moors (15-30) - From Icewall Port: 6n; u; 4n; 3w; nw; nw; u; ne; nw; nw; nw

Centerforge (15-30) - From Althainia Market Square - 3e, 4n, 2w, 8n, 2u, ne, w, nw

Bull Dancer Arena (15-35) - Althainia Market Square - 13w, 2n, e, 2n, 3e
  • Excellent leveling area. White bulls/dancers are good, black are evil, red are neutral. Goblin spectator are evil, human and elf are good. Leave the minos and arena dancers alone unless there's nothing else left. Goblins and humans are good for level 20-30, bulls are good for level 15-25 for hitters.

Dylan's Area (15-20) - Althainia Market Square - 6s, e, s, 2e, s, w, s, 4u, s, u
  • Harpies are evil and aggressive. Be careful not to let your HP get down too low.

Great Forest (15-25) - Arkane Town Center - 11e, n
  • Sylvans are good, ruanans are evil, nymphs are good, everything else is evil. A very good leveling spot but extremely big and spread out.
  • Bears, nymphs, boars, treants, and for the hardy, mountain lions, are killable at level 15.

Icewall Battlefield - (through Yinn Encampment) from Icewall Port:
6n; nw; nw; w; 2n; nw; 2w; nw; 2w; 2n; 8w; open west; 5w

****Underdark Caverns**** (15-40) - From the Crossroads: .4s; 2e; s; 2e; d; open west; w; s; d; open down ; d; w; n; 3w; 9n; e; s; c pass ; 3s w; open west ; w; 3s

Temple of Good (20-30) - Tropica Port - 2se, 3s, 2sw, w, sw, 3s, sw, 3w, 2n, d, 2n
  • All good-aligned. Often need pick or a nexus to get into the temple itself with all the mobs. The key is a rare respawn.
  • The followers have "protection evil" cast on them, so evil aligned characters will do reduced damage.

Volcanic Ridge (20-30) - From Althainia's Dock : w .2s; sw; w; sw; 2w; s; d

Yaennie Refuge (20-30) - From Icewall Port: nw; nw;.2w; nw; n; nw; n; nw; n; nw; w; nw; n; nw; w; 2n; ne; 6e; se; 2e; 4s ;w; s; e; 3s; d; 9s ;sw; open n; n

Grell Hunters (20-30) - from Arkania Dock: 3s; se; s; se; s; se (swimming to Zaven) sw; sw; 2s (walking on Zaven) 3e; 2s; e; s; e; 3s; 2e; n; e; s

Within the Great Tree (23-33) - Arkane Port - ne, n, ne, nw, n, ne, 2e, u
  • All good-aligned. Mobs are very plentiful.

**The Burial Grounds** - (25-30) From the Crossroads: w; sw; s; se; n; nw; nw; n; e;.4n

Lost Pyramid (25-30) - Tropica Port - s, sw, s, w, sw, nw, 2w, nw, w, s, 4w, 5s
  • All evil-aligned. An excellent leveling spot, particularly for hitters.

Circus (25-30) - Arkane Town Center - 9w, 2n, nw
  • All different aligns, a good spot if you have detect good/detect evil.

Sluss'i Monastery (25-35) - Tropica Port - 2se, 3s, 2sw, 2w, 2nw, s, e, s, w, 2s
  • Aggressive, like to team up and beat the crap out of you, but good for hitters. Evil align.

White Moon Isle (20-35) - From Tropica Dock: sw; w; nw; w; nw; 4w; sw; w; sw; sw; 3s; se; se; 4e; sw; sw; sw

Church of Stars (25-40) - Arkane Town Center - 4w, 4s, 4e, 5s, e
  • Mostly good, a few evils. Some excellent equipment.

Freak Show (25-40) - From the Middle of a Huge Field: 2n; nw ;w; n; ne; ne

The Asylum (30-35) - From the Crossroads: 4s, 2e, s, 2e, d, open west, w, s, d, open down, d, w, s, 3w, 3n, e
  • The workers and janitors are evil. The madhouse inmates are all good. Mobs are -very- plentiful. The marble staff is vampiric and usable at level 30

.New Zyra (30-35) - From Tropica Dock: sw; 2w; n

Lost Catacombs (25-45) - Tropica Port - s, sw, s, w, sw, nw, 2w, nw, w, s, 4w, s, w, s, w, enter stone
  • All evils. Mobs near the entrance are easiest. Skeletons are vulnerable to blunt.

Hellmouth (25-40) - Icewall Port - 6n, up, 4n, 3w, 2nw, up, 4ne, e, up, n, 2ne, up, 2nw, up, sw, s, se, up, dig until you uncover a crevice, enter crevice, open north, n
  • All neutral or evil. Almost all are vulnerable to holy weapons (ie. holy avenger).

Crystal Bay (25-42) - Tropica Port - sw, w, nw, w, nw, w, s
  • Clams are good, fishermen/red crabs are evil. Water breathing and a bit of swimming needed. Clams sometimes drop pearls (worth ~60 gold!), anything underwater is super-vuln lightning so bring lightning mace/northern wind axe/etc.

The Seige (30-35) - Arkane Town Center - 12n, open east, e, n, e
  • North part good, south part evil, mobs fight each other if wander into the same room. Pick off the wounded, excellent place to use ranged fireballs.

Areth-Va (30-35) - Arkania Port - 3s, se, 10s (Lots of swimming)

Stygian Sea (30-40) - Arkania Port - 2SW, d (Swimming)
  • Excellent leveling zone. All mobs are evil, kill bloated sailors. Key to the boat is in the rope; from the eel at the start go 1d, 2n, w, all d, e, open rope, get all rope, 3e, d. Lightning = crazy damage.
  • A sufficient way to gather mobs and use chain lightning as a mage is to range lightning bolts and wait for three or four to chase after you.

**Baaren Gaer** (30-40) - From Tropica Port - (walking) sw; w; nw; w; nw; 3w; sw; w; sw; sw; 2s (swimming) 5 sw; d (need waterbreathing)

**Sea Devil Foray** (30-40) - From Dojia Port - n; 6sw; enter reef; nw; n; open down; d; s; d; ne; 2e; se; s; e; open east; e

Jixpk Village (30-35) - Icewall Port - 6n, 2nw, w, 2n, nw, 2w, nw, 2w, 3n, 6e
  • Mobs are random align, and are all vuln fire. Excellent leveling spot, particularly with detect good/evil.

Frostania (30-40) - Icewall Port - 2nw, 2w, nw, n, nw, e, n, 2up, 2n, 2up, 3s, 6e, s, w, s, 2e, s, e, s, nw, enter gate
  • Many good, some neutral, few evils. Good spot, but many aggress mobs.

Mebn Ehlweb (35-40) - Tropica Port - sw, w, nw, w, nw, 5w(swim for one room), sw, w, 2sw, 3s, se(boat or flying) 7n, nw, ne, n, up.
  • Mediocre area, but decent enough if other leveling zones are taken. Evil in the forest, good in the village. Some mobs sneak.

The Desert Raider's Camp (35-45) New Thalos' Center Market - 10n, 2ne
  • Excellent leveling area. All mobs are evil and most are vulnerable to slashing or cold. All are resistant to fire. Only Tarantulas hide.

Savanna (35-45) - Tropica Port - s, sw, s, w, sw, 2w, 2sw, w
  • Many are evil or neutral, felar and wemics are good. Felar huntresses are good charmies, can backstab.

Duin Tol (35-41) - From Tropica Port by way of the west coast: sw; w; nw; w; nw; 4w; sw; w; sw; sw; 3s; se; 8n

Verdant Woods (35-51) - Icewall Port - 6n, u, 4n, 4e, u, n, 2e, 2s, d, 4e, s, 2e, 5n, w, 5n, get branch from the log, 4e, open north, n, give branch to the tree and then head all north. (from port)

Hell (35-51) - New Thalos Market - 11s, w, s, sw, w, nw, 7n, e, enter gate
  • All mobs evil, many have both parry/dodge plus disarm, bash, trip, etc. Can be tough. Some aggros/spellcasters as well.

Ancient Forest (40-50) - Arkane Town Center - 11e, 22n, open west, w
  • Sasquatches are good-aligned. Ignore the firbolgs.
  • Sasquatches are vuln-fire; bring some flaming daggers!

The Body (40-51) - Arkane Town Center - 9w, 4n
  • All mobs evil. Careful if a clanner, it's very easy to see if someone's leveling there (thanks to farsight). Maggots are vuln blunt, hairs vuln fire.

A Death Garden (40-51) - From the beginning of The Siege: 8e; open southeast; se

Elemental Planes (43-51) - Gate to the Succubus in Hell - 2d, 2w, 4d
  • Water elementals are good to chain. Need waterbreathing though. Earth elementals are vuln blunt, but are very tough. All mobs good-aligned.
Trench (43-51) - Arkania Port - ne, n, ne, nw, n, ne, 5e, se, 6ne, d (Lots of Swimming)
  • Purple worms evil, yellow worms good. Excellent spot, though need waterbreathing. Always use shockers or frost.
Forbidden Forest (43-51) - Icewall Port - ne, e, ne, 2n, ne, 5n, w
  • Most mobs good or neutral. Lots of them. Bears are aggress and camouflaged.
Crystal Bay (43-51) - Tropica Port - sw, w, nw, w, nw, w, s
  • Whales are evil and underwater mostly. Use shockers.
Crystal Monastary (43-51) - Icewall Port - 2nw, 2w, nw, n, nw, e, n, 2u, 2n, 2u, 3n, ne, e, ne, nw, n, kill the golem, unlock and open north, north. (from port)
  • All mobs good or neutral. Decent leveling spot, very few vulns to tap though.

**Glonnoil Fjord** (43-51) - From Arkane Port: ne; n; ne; nw; n; ne; nw; 5n
Jovar (43-51) - Icewall Port - 2nw, 2w, nw, n, nw, e, n, 2u, w, 2u
  • All mobs good. The sanced big ones (old Olympus gods) can be very tough and cast spells.
Realm of Terror (43-51) - Arkane Town Center - 4w, 4s, 4e, 5s, e, open north, 5n, kill kayaka, 2s, w, 2up, 5e, unlock south, south, scan for prophet, kill him for tomb key, n, 5w, 2d, 2e, s, 2d, 2e, n, 2e, s, unlock west, open west, w, open down, d, 2s, open east, e, ne, se, sw, s, se, s, enter gate. (gate is invis.)
  • All mobs evil or neutral. Mediocre leveling area.
Lost Lands of Kazaxda (43-51) - Arkania Port - 3s, se, s, se, s, se, (swimming) 2sw, 2s (on Zaven) 2s, e, 14s, w, nw, 2w, n, w, s, w
  • All mobs are evil. Some good spots, though difficult to get to. Villagers vuln to piercing. Templar vuln to slashing.
Sea Castle (45-50) - Tropica Port - ne, u
  • Giant fish, turtles. All mobs are evil. Sea lions are decent too.
  • A portion of the area is underwater. The mobs in the rooms (a pair of sea lions and turtles, and four fish) are particularly good for quick experience runs when using chain lightning.

Gahboom Hill (43-51) - gate to "wild pig" or walk from Arkania Port - .5e;.3s;e;.2s;.2w;.4s;e;s;e;.4n;.3w;s;se;e;se;se;n;ne;nw;sw;s;e;open north;north;c pass;north

**Village of Gaarenborg** (43-51) - Icewall Port: 2nw, 2w, nw, n, nw, n, nw, n, nw, w, nw, n, nw, w, 2n, ne, 6e, se, 2e,
4s, w, s, e, 3s, d, 9s, sw, w, nw

Realm of the Endless (43-51) - Tropica Port: s, sw, s, w, sw, nw, 2w, nw, w, s, 4w, 5s, u, s, e, d, 2s

**Cursed Caverns** (43-51) - From Arkane Town Center (through Verminasia): 12n, open e, e, 8n, 2w, 2n, open down,down

Algoron Threadworks - take the Golden Koi which departs from Althainia port at 2pm and arrives at Shokono Port at 6:30pm: 6w; 6s; 3w; 2s; se; ne; 2e; se; e; se; 3e; se; se;.2e; ne, ne

The Venerable Forest (yeti's) (43-51) - From Icewall Port : 2n, e

Volcano Island (43-51) - From Althainia Port - (walking) w; 2s; sw; w; sw; 3w (swimming) 4s; n

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