The Azure TowerTower Ranks and Tasks
Initiate:Initiate is the beginning position in the Azure Tower and will be the basisfrom the knowledge that will be taught shall grow. At this stage, theInitiate is expected to be familiar with the laws of the kingdom. TheInitiate will keep track of their tasks and once completed present them toan Archmagus or the Wizard/ess to be considered for promotion. The Initiateshould draw on any and all Tower members should he or she have questionsconcerning these tasks.

*Finding a Mentor:While any Sorcerer/ess or Archmagus can be an excellent tutor in the ways ofthe Arcane Arts, it is always best to consider what you will learn from thevarious members of the Azure Tower. For example, a witch is most likely togain the most knowledge of her craft by apprenticing under another witch ora Warlock. That being said, the Initiate must speak with whomever they wishto study under and then have this decision approved by both the Mentor andthe Wizard/ess as both will play a key role in the Initiate's future growth.
*The Mage's Grimoire:Derived from the ancient word "grammatikos", which means "pertaining toletters", the grimoire is, essentially, a textbook of magic. They contain avariety of materials from astrological calculations to directions for makingtalismans. A mage's grimoire may also contain dreams, poems, invocations,revelations, inspirations, and lore. Primarily, however, the mage will usetheir grimoire as a way to document their progress in their studies of theArcane Arts.
The Initiate will begin by collecting the writing materials they will needfrom this point on: quills, ink, parchment, and at least tne large book. The book can be altered right at the bookstore to suite the tastes of theInitiate, but they should remember that this book is to become a sort ofcompanion and will eventually be submitted for appraisal by the Wizard/ess. As writing material can often be expensive for those new upon their paths,they may ask a Tower member for assistance with these purchases. Pleaseonly do this once.
Any tasks given to the Initiate as they begin their rise through the ranksof the Tower should be documented within the Grimoire along with personalfindings, thoughts, and anything the Initiate believes to be of importanceto their study of the Arts. As a tip, keep the first two pages of thegrimoire free to act as title pages for easy reading.
* Essay - Five Days Without Magic
To truly bring home the lesson of how important a role magic plays in ourlives, each Initiate is to spend five consecutive days without the aide ofmagic or any magical items. This includes: giving or receiving spells,wands, scrolls, or the aide of magical portals within the stronghold. Decanters are also prohibited during this time. The Initiate may either usetheir Grimoire as a journal for this time frame, or write an essayafterwards. The essay should be addressed to both the Initiate's mentor,the Wizard/ess and a copy placed within his or her Grimoire as the firstentry, which will allow the mage to reflect and remember just how vitalmagic is to our lives.
Apprentices receive training that leads to a comprehensive understanding ofall magic to their disposal. A solid foundation in the most effective waysto utilize these spells and the general knowledge expected from a Magus ofAlthainia. Please note that apprentices are expected to go beyond the scopeof these tasks, and that the mentor is expected to build on the guidelinesgiven here to tailor the teaching to the individual apprentice.
* Essay - Chosen Magic GuildThe Apprentice is to explain why he or she has chosen to pursue the specificschool of magical technique of his or her choice. Explanation shouldinclude why it is important to him/her, what is appealing about said school,and what hopes and aspirations the Apprentice has in pursuing said path.
* Essay - Favorite SpellThe Apprentice must write a short dissertation on the importance of learninga spell of that apprentice's choice. Details should include its basicfunction, difficulty of casting, best conditions for use, and why itseffects are considered most important in said conditions.
* Task - Properly outfitting oneselfThe Apprentice is to properly fit him/herself for defense against theelements and other potential sources of opposition. We are practitioners ofmagic, and should portray this in a professional manner.
* Practical Application - Win 1 DuelThe Apprentice needs to display prowess, aptitude, and efficacy with the useof magic in a controlled duel with a member of the Kingdom at, or higherthan, his or her current tier of training.
* Task - GatepostsThe Magus is to list at least one gatepost for each area that is notmentioned within the Grimoire, then explain how and why these gateposts areimportant. Also, any addition things to know about the gatepost and thearea they are in should be; noted. Examples are if the gatepost isinvisible, or if one should be flying.
* Donation - 1 egg
* Assist 5 IndividualsThe Magus must assist five members of the Kingdom of Arkane, and have themsend a note to the Azure Tower superiors as proof. This can be anythingfrom the simple casting of spells, to the aide of another's tasks.
* Essay - MoonsThe Magus is to write a dissertation on the magical importance of the moonwhich affects them the most. This should include their phases, and theeffects of their phases on magical prowess, magical resistance, and manaregeneration.
* Essay - Interview of MentorThe Magus, now further in progression of skill, is to interview his or herMentor that he or she has decided to follow since Initiatehood. Atranscript or interview synopsis is to be submitted to the Wizard, short ofthat, the current ruler of Arkane.
* Practical Application - Win 3 DuelsThe Sorcerer/ess is to win duels against a total count of three members ofthe Kingdom at, or higher than, his or her current tier of training. If noone within Arkane can be found to duel against the Socerer/ess, then theymay look outside of the kingdom, but must have a letter sent to the Wizardfrom their sparring partner detailing the match.
* Essay - Importance of Self-AwarenessThe Sorcerer/ess must write an essay on the importance of introspection. The goal is to realize and explain how properly being aware of one's self isparamount in one's endeavors, and to realize the value of meditation. TheSorcerer/ess may speak with a member of the Scholars, Tribunal, or theChurch if they require help with their essay.
* Donation - 5 eggs
* Task - Multiple LanguagesThe Sorcerer/ess must learn another language to be able to expand growthopportunities for the Tower, and for self-development. Such opportunitiesmay arise where the Tower may need to sustain itself by recruiting newArkanians from foreign lands.
* Assist 10 IndividualsThe Sorcerer/ess is to assist ten members of the Kingdom, and have themnotify the Azure Tower superiors about the contribution of help. This is tocontinually reinforce the fact that the Tower was established not only inthe pursuit of magical knowledge, but aid those of the Kingdom.
* Donation - 10 eggs
* Taking an ApprenticeTaking a charge (Initiate) under the Archmagus's tutelage allows theArchmagus to learn of him/herself in the sense that teaching another is themost appropriate way to better sharpen one's own skills, as the teacher ismore aware of his or her; own faults in technique, and may applyself-correction through self-awareness via teaching.
The Archmagus will be designated as that Initiate's Mentor, as referred toin the earlier duties. In the event that the Archmagus has analready-acquired student when the Archmagus was a Sorcerer/ess, then thisstep is to be disregarded, given that the student is still receivingtutelage, and another needs not be sought out by the Archmagus, or that thestudent has not yet reached the rank of Sorcerer/ess.
* Thesis - Magic and Its MeaningConsidered to be a true test of the mind, the Archmagus is to meditate onMagic, and is to write a thesis on the wisdom acquired through contemplatingits meaning. A true test, it is not an analysis of its practicalapplication, but rather Magic from a metaphysical premise and the nature ofits ontology.
* Submit Grimoire for ReviewThe Archmage must submit a complete grimoire of spells at his or herdisposal. An optional plus would be a detailing of different meditations toaid in the connection of the mortal to the arcane so that the Grimoire'sapplicability becomes more widespread for the sake of the magical community.
* Presentation of SkillThe Archmagus must go before either the Wizard, or short of that, thecurrent ruler of Arkane for the following reasons:
1) To justify the Archmagus to the duties and as an executor of the Tower2) To nominate the Archmagus as a possible candidate for Wizardhood in the event that the current Wizard can no longer hold position, as the Wizard of the Tower must possess skill, strength, and determination to lead.
Wizard/ess:The Azure Tower is led by a Wizard or Wizardess, who has been appointed byhis or her predecessor and approved by the Crown. Once the Wizard orWizardess has retired, they may be appointed as an Advisor by the Crown ifthey wish. As the head of the Azure Tower, the Wizard/ess is responsiblefor all that occurs beneath him or her. This includes handling any issuesthat may arise, as well as, all administrative duties. They must also makesure that tasks are being done, all parties are being treated with equality,and that the Tower remains active in both its studies and its duty to theArkanian people.
For more information please see Wizard Elkentaur Dra'kel, or the Azure Grimoire in the Library of Arkane.