The Arkanian Trader's Guild

History of the Trader's Guild

Traders Guild:We will remember in our sales that we benefit Arkane before
we benefit ourselves.

Our guild's mission is to aide each other in prosperity, and to see Arkane
as a whole be made profitable by us.

Purpose and Role of the Trader's Guild

The Trader's Guild within Arkane exists to master the art of the sale. We
acquire items of value and sell them to make a profit for both ourselves,
and also Arkane by means of donation. We strive to learn the location of
valuable and sought after items.

Prospective Trader Recruits:Learning Marketing of value items is a good
start. Keep in mind you as a Trader will compete against people who have
been doing this for many years so keep a good mind set it will take work to
achieve your goals.

Advanced Trader Recruits:With this Rank it's expected to able to compete in
the World's Market from the learning in the Ranking of Recruit and also
expected to consult and work with Arkane and Arkane Traders.

Trader Provens:A member considered for the rank of Trader Proven must have
completed their training. At this point in this position your expected to
be a expert in Trades and the Market. This knowledge is to be used to help
Arkane and just as important not be taken advantage of when purchasing and

From here a new branch will be a option for crafters.

Craft Leaders:2 Leaders 1 main and 1 sub. Full knowledge of there craft
Legendary Grand Masters not a requirement.

Craft Apprentices:Crafters who've not proven to be leaders.

Craft Masters:Are Legendary Grand Masters and will be considered Advisors in
there craft.

Trade Masters:Are well-established Traders in the Market and have earned the
ranking and have proven themselfeves without question.

Trader Masters & Guild Leaders:

Mistress Asila Dusk

Trader's Guild Manuals

Trader Manual
Trader Master Manual


Trader Recruit:
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Trader Proven:
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Trader Master:
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|Craft Apprentices|
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|Craft Leaders|
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|Craft Masters|
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Honorary Masters:
Mistress Asila Dusk
Count Ghyt Stickyfingers
Lord Xeltryx Tanner
Dravix The Giver

Trader Proven:
Merchant Elealith Windleaf
Merchant F'Aga Rada
Merchant Itchi
Merchant Ka'zezk
Merchant Rayker Vylzroth
Merchant Andry Ka'tel
Merchant Carathrael Chensal
Merchant Cobbmip
Merchant Dinzig HipaFritz
Merchant Leriana Carabell

Trader Member:
Trader Idua
Trader Shevaera
Trader F'Aga Rada
Trader Madyson
Trader P'tink
Trader Tullix Moneymage
Trader Kan'ji, Natures Maiden
Trader Carathrael Chensal
Trader Saticoy
Trader Phy'lan Lym'elle
Trader Ealdun

Trader Recruit:
Trader Vylzroth
Trader Malzrwk
Trader Ferun dge
Trader Fujuu Dujuu
Trader Han'Fit
Trader Demyxon Underhill
Trader Zilrion the Great
Trader Gidghet Fizzlespark
Trader Slaurone Hriek
Trader Calosiz
Trader Maerlynda
Trader Zalib Du'groth
Trader Grarble Da WIZZY
Trader Eircheard
Trader Mwug
Trader Sylitae
Trader Jiayi

Ranks Held Until Return:

Master Anithone Baerd
Trader Valefar Costas
Trader Hache
Trader Orik'ando Orik'ando Gurubashi
Trader Llieran
Trader Ro'kesh
Mistress Asila Dusk