The Arkane Newsletter's Guidebook to recruiting!

Do you have the recruiting blues? Then look no further than The Arkane Newsletter's Guidebook to recruiting!

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First of all, make sure that they are properly descriptive. It makes it easier to get to know them and easier to remember them. Maybe one perspective citizen has a blue bow in her hair and another has a fancy hat with a feather in it. These details make remembering their name much easier!

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Make sure you don't forget to ask for their name. While you are at it, why not ask them to introduce themselves and to say a few words about their past and who they are? It will give you a good sense of what they are like.

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Now ask why they want to join Arkane as opposed to any other kingdom. Perhaps they have a friend who lives in Arkane or maybe they grew up close to Arkane and have been visiting the kingdom ever since.

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Next ask who they worship. Arkane accepts all but those who worship Malachive. Maybe they worship the same god as you and you already have something in common.

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Send them a copy of our laws and make sure that they swear to obey them. Our laws are pretty self explanatory but are needed to maintain order within the kingdom.

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If after asking these questions you feel that you have gotten to know the prospective citizen and they have agreed to the laws then welcome them into the kingdom.

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Write a missive to the kingdom about what you learned. Write down the answers to each of the questions you asked.

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As a courtesy ask them if they know the layout of the kingdom. Maybe they need a tour or maybe they don't know where the haven is.

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Pat yourself on the back. Congratulations you are done!