Announcement of Guilding a New Citizen

The following is an example note of the kind I will use to announce to the kingdom that a new citizen has joined us. You are free to add your own variations of it, as you see fit. This example includes putting in examples of answers received during the interview process.

Feel free to include your own clipart! Lots are fun and relevant to use in these sorts of notes.

note to Selcea Verminasia Marcaus Calaeni
note subject {RSelcea {DJoins {RVerminasia{x

note + {D />
note + {D /<
note + {D [\\\\\\({RO{D){W:::{D<{R======================================-
note + {D \<
note + {D \>

note + {DVerminasia,
note +
note + {DPlease welcome, this dark elf, known as {RSelcea{D, to Verminasia. He
Note + {Dcomes to us from the Arkanian continent, and has a desire to join up
Note + {Dwith our Tower and serve. He wishes to remain a while and be useful.
Note + {DHe does not support Malachive whatsoever.
note +
Note + {DHe knows fully well the laws of Verminasia. I have sent him a copy.
Note + {DHe has also sworn to be in service to the Kingdom of Verminasia, as
Note + {Dwell as to obey our laws, and be bound by any such decrees issued
Note + {Dforth from the throne, under penalty of death.
Note +
Note + {DWelcome here, {RSelcea{D. May you find prosperity and long life.
Note +
Note + {RGeneral Joat Tenneal
note + {DVerminasia Deathwatch
note + {DServant of Necrucifer
note +
note + {D <\
note + {D [\\\\\\({RO{D){W:::<{D======================================-
note + {D \< > \
note + {D \\ / |
note + {D `==='/
note + {x