1) The Healer's Quarters:
a) Do not engage in combat for any reason whatsoever with anyone or
anything (including dorks, mobs, and yourself).
b) Do not leave items lying around. Place them in the Donation Box.
c) Do not cause excessive spam, including practicing skills, spells,
or taking more than 4 sips from your drink. Leave the room for this.
The exceptions to this law are enchanting and brewing.
d) Do not ever bring the plague into the healers, unless someone
is available to cure it.

2) Addressing Althainia:
a) Note that the official language of the court is Althainian. While
common is not banned when addressing the the entire kingdom, all
citizens are expected to be able to understand and speak the city's
language. If you mistakenly speak in a foreign tongue, correct
yourself immediately in Althainian or common.
b) Swashbucklers are to remove their masks when addressing all of
Althainia. Swashbucklers may use their masks inside the castle,
but must remove them when asked to do so.
c) Refrain from addressing the kingdom while intoxicated.
d) Treat everybody with courtesy, respect, and compassion regardless
of title or station - yours OR theirs.

3) Personal Conduct:
a) Slavery is illegal. Anyone found to be selling, purchasing or
keeping slaves will be punished as the Crown sees fit.
b) The donation box is there for those who cannot equip themselves
easily. Use what you can, but return or replace what you have
taken. Taking items from the donation box to enchant and / or
sell for personal gain is illegal. Do not summon anyone into
the Donation Room, nor give donated items to non-Althainians.
c) Aggressive behavior is tolerated only in cases of arranged duels.
Duel others at your own risk.
d) Refrain from hunting / killing / training within the walls of
all kingdoms. In the event that our High Priest sends you to
carry out justice, inform the highest ranking member of that
kingdom of your quest.
e) Each citizen must maintain an appearance that is descriptive
and distinguishes them from the rest.

4) Althainian Recruiters:
a) Only those with the ability to recruit are allowed to accept
donations. However, it is encouraged that donations be deposited
directly into the Kingdom's account.
b) Those with the ability to recruit may determine and issue fines.
c) All recruiters will carry an accurate set of the laws at all
times and know correct recruiting procedures.
d) Goblinoids and those bearing a red aura are only to be granted
citizenship by the Crown.
e) Potential recruits caught lying will be blacklisted.
f) All recruits must speak Althainian fluently.
g) Children are not to be granted citizenship, they are welcome to
remain in the city proper until they have reached adulthood and
can seek to serve the Empire on their own.

5) Althainian Ships:
a) Ships are off limits to all non-naval personnel unless permission
has been granted from the General, the Commander, an Ensign or the
Emperor or the Honorable Empress. This is an offense punishable by banishment.