This is a complete list of socials for this MUD:

accuse agree apologize applaud babble beam beckon beg bkiss blink blush boast boggle bow
buff burp cackle cheekkiss cheer chortle chuckle clap collapse comfort confused cough cower
cringe cry cuddle curtsey drool duck embrace eyebrow eyeroll faint fart flex flinch flirt flutter
frown fume gasp giggle glare grimace grin groan growl grovel grumble haccept hkiss hiccup
hoffer hop howl hug hum hush innocent kiss kneel laugh massage mutter nod nudge nuzzle
passout pat peck peer plead point ponder pout puke purr rofl rum sage salute scratch scream
scuff shake shiver shrug shudder sigh sing slobber smile smirk snap snarl sneer sneeze
snicker sniff snore snort sob squeal squirm stagger stare stomp stretch strut swoon sulk
support tag tease thank think tickle twiddle twitch wait wave whine whistle wince wink worry yawn


Syntax: pose <string without ending punctuation>
Syntax: checkpose

The pose command is used to set your characters pose while you are not
moving. You would use this to show what your character looks like when
others look in the room, or enter the room. The description will still have
the standard "is here", or "sleeping", etc, you can simply add additional

For example, you could be standing in a room and type: "pose reading a
book". To everyone in the room, this would look like:
> Person is here, reading a book.

The checkpose command shows you the echo that people will see when they
look in or enter the room.