Each holiday will be a double XP day and the imm staff will try to make each one worth remembering.

EVERY holiday will be the LAST SUNDAY of each month.

Note: This doesn't mean that kingdoms or whoever can't start their own holidays, because you certainly can.

JANUARY : Creation Day (celebration of the gods, especially Cliath)

FEBRUARY : Kadiya Day (The day of Love and remembrance)

MARCH : Planting Festival (Like a Spring Festival)

APRIL : Fools Day (NOT on our April 1st, the IC world will have its own day to play tricks)

MAY : Head on a Pike Day (Goblins & Ogre, cause putting heads on a pike is FUN!)


JULY : Festival of the Stars (Elves doing well elvish stuff)

AUGUST : The High Magic Festival (Conclave puts on quite a show I hear)

SEPTEMBER: Dwarven Keg Week (Dwarves... do we need to say more?)

OCTOBER : Day of the Dead (Like Halloween, sort of, except evil crap really does happen)

NOVEMBER : Harvest Festival (Celebration of farmers not working for a few months, woot!)

DECEMBER : Gift Day (Our very own Christmas! And no Virginia there is NO Santa Claus in this one!)