Creating Your First Character

Making a first character in DSL can be intimidating. You have the five base classes to choose from,
and each of those has its own selection of skills and spells. Which of these are useful? Which of
these are just fluff? How do I make my own character set-up? Let's step through it.

1.) Once the Imms have approved your name, you'll be sent to the Hall of Professions. This is where
the first big decision is made. What class do I want? There are several ways to pick one. You might
want one class over another for roleplay reasons, or maybe you've seen the Boost / Gimp list and are
looking for a niche-character.

2.) Okay, so you've chosen your profession. Now comes the hard part. The game will ask if you want
Template stats or Random stats. These are your Intelligence, Constitution, Strength, Wisdom, and
Dexterity. Random stats will always give better results than the template, so most people choose
this option. You can keep re-rolling your stats until you are satisfied.

3.) When you're satisfied with your stats, the game gives you another option. It will ask whether you
want to Customize your character. This is tricky, because some classes (such as bard) can get by
without customizing, while others (like warrior and mage) miss out on a few useful skills. We'll
customize our character to play it safe.

For a bit of help planning your character, a creation simulator (thanks to Floobit!) is available: Here

The first thing you'll notice is a menu of spellgroups and skills that you can Add to your character. Each
item you want has to be Added individually. You might find that by Adding everything, your Creation
Points and projected Experience to Level (at the bottom of the menu) can be very high. For a base class
and a first character, we don't need to choose everything.

What we will do is pick the most useful spellgroups and skills for us. Every class has a Class Default. This
includes some spellgroups and skills, and varies for each class. Add the Class Default. Now, take a look
at the skills menu. There are a few in there that every character should know. Dodge, Parry, and Shield Block
are all very helpful defensive skills. If anything, the chance to live longer and avoid damage is worth the
extra experience per level. We're going for a basic build, so Add these skills, too, if you can. If you're a mage,
you need to Add Meditation for faster mana regeneration and Spellcraft for better spell damage. Warriors
and thieves should strongly consider Adding Dual Wield, so they can wield two weapons at once later.

Okay, now, look back up to the spellgroups menu. If you see Protective, make sure to Add that, too. Protective
will give you a nice assortment of protective spells, including Sanctuary. Sanctuary halves the damage you take
while it is in effect. This is a life-saver. The Transportation spellgroup is a necessity if you are thinking about
clanning. You will need specifically the spell Word of Recall. This is explained better in the Newbie Guide. The
Enhancement spellgroup can be very useful, too, but isn't a necessity for a first character.

When you think you're done, check the Learned list to make sure you have what you need. After that, you're
ready to go and explore the world of Algoron!