Province of Camaraenaus
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Camaraenaus is Overseen by a Viscount / Viscountess appointed by the Crown of VerminasiaCurrent Occupant: Viscount Rikam Oneiroi and Viscountess Claudette Picard de la Gue Montrose Bourbonnaise Oneiroi
Important House StaffHousecarl and Steward: Vacant

Capitol - Fairburrow

Land Survey of the Province of Camaraenaus

The land of Camaraenaus is a temperate province which weather tends to emulate
much of the central province of Verminasia, being located directly north of the busiest metropolitan
in all of the provinces. The rain falls fairly often but hardly ever does it dip far beyond the level of freezing.
Seldom does the temperature get scorching hot or unbearable, making it pleasant to conduct activities outdoors.

The land itself is extremely flat and level throughout the majority of the province, although there
is a river on the northwest edge of the land which borders against the province of Iolanthe.
There the land tends to be marshy and more humid. To the furthermost eastern border you
have the swamps of Gyathoth, whose mosquito population during the warmer months is considered problematic.

Camaraenaus used to boast a plethora of game, to include beavers, however
over hunting and cultivation of the land has driven the beaver population from the lands.
They do have an over-abundance of rabbits which are particularly troublesome for farmers
who try to grow carrots and lettuce. It has been said that one cannot go a few steps without
stepping on a rabbit in Camaraenaus. Local legends believe that the patron Deity of the region,
Devion the Lord of Mischief, has bewitched the rabbits into making bunnies faster than usual as a form of amusement.

One of the main exports and farming operations centers on ostriches. From farming ostrich eggs,
selling their meat, using them as modes of transportation, utilizing and exporting the feathers
and hides, and even a bit of ostrich racing, life in Camaraenaus is not for any who are allergic to ostriches.
It has even been said that in the town of Fairburrow, gambling on ostrich fights has
become a favorite pastime, as well as a source of many physical altercations.

Economic gains from local flora includes dyes which are extracted from an indigenous plant in the
wetlands that makes an incredibly beautiful indigo hue. The farmers use this in conjunction
with the ostrich feathers to fetch a hefty price at the markets.

The people of the province have been known to be notoriously superstitious, and most of
them are farmers or other subsistence land-workers. There are many traders along the
main roads which will try to sell the unwitting traveler “authentic” Camarenain beaver pelts,
despite the population of beavers long since exhausted. The people also have a fondness
for the wines made in Iolanthe, but due to their rural occupations, education is not
very widespread. The Viscount and Viscountess are working towards bringing the educational level up.

The capitol city is called Fairburrow, with numerous tiny settlements scattered throughout the
lands. The Viscount and Viscountess live in Castor Manor, but the general population is not to
visit without an invitation. Fairburrow boasts several shops, a tavern and some newly renovated
buildings from a recent influx of money.

All members of the Dark Faiths are those who appreciate the darkness are welcome to
live in Camaraenaus, but those who tend to follow the Trickster, Devion, tend to flourish more than
other. A land of eccentrics all in all, and a land of rogues and liars and gamblers, but hard-working ones.