The Mystical Kingdom of Arkane


For The People, For Freedom, Arkane Stands Together

On the western point of the continent of Arkania lies the kingdom of Arkane. Arkane is known throughout Algoron as the kingdom of rare and mystical powers, where some of the finest magi are first found. Arkane is a center of trade given its proximity to a nearby seaport.

Arkane is traditionally a neutral kingdom that welcomes all who come to study, learn and add to its mystical traditions. It's focus and power are maintained by an active monarchy bent on protecting its longstanding traditions.

The History of Arkane

The Laws of Arkane
--- Arkane Recruiting Guidelines
--- Arkane Guild Missive

The Royal Arkanian Library

Act of Lordship

The Arkanian Merchant District

Kingdom Leaders
King Damerus Firebeard
Alderman Meki Snowalker


Royal Arkanian Army: (Vacant)
Church of Arkane: Vicar Liviya Fel
Azure Tower: Wizard Wrenpip Pijnkerton
Gypsy: Artist Fynix
Arkane Trader's Guild: Director Acoindra Ka'tel Aesuithiel

Members of Arkane

Kingdom Members

Arkanian Crafters
Commendations & Awards

Races/Alignments/Religions Welcomed

All races are welcomed
All alignments are welcomed
Cult of Malachive members NOT welcomed

Kingdoms/Clans Welcomed

Althainia is Welcome
Shalonesti is Welcome
Slayers are NOT welcomed
Verminasia are NOT welcomed
Members of Chaos are NOT welcomed