The Arkane Trader's Guild: History

Current Leader(s):
Master Rarau Rashalaph

Former Leaders:
Mistress Asila Dusk
Master Dravix The Giver
Master Count Ghyt Stickyfingers
Master Lord Xeltryx Tanner
Master Kentha Gage
Master Joat Tenneal

Honorary Masters:

Count Ghyt Stickyfingers *Gitala*
Lord Xeltryx Tanner
Dravix The Giver

Timeline of Events:

- Count Ghyt Stickyfingers succeeded by Lord Xeltryx Tanner
- Lord Xeltryx Tanner succeeded by Joat Tenneal
- Joat Tenneal succeeded by Master Kentha Gage
- Joat Tenneal reclaimed power from Master Kentha Gage
- Master Kentha Gage succeeded by Joat Tenneal
- All Trader Master's to be considered official leaders of the Trader's Guild by Joat Tenneal
- Joat Tenneal succeeded by Asila Dusk
- Asila Dusk succeeded by Rarau Rashalaph