Welcome to Arkane. As a kingdom, we wish to congratulate you on joining
your new family. This letter is help to familiarize you with the various
guilds offered and point you in the direction of some of the important
places you may need to visit during your time here.

We have five guilds, each offering their own special talents to the kingdom,
that you may join. If you feel you could contribute within more then one
guild, feel free to speak to the leaders of the ones that interest you, and
arrangements can be made to have you multiple guilds. The five guilds
offered are: Gypsy, Royal Arkanian Military, Church, Scholars and Tower.

Below is a short description of what each guild offers and who you may
contact for further information or to join.

<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:Guilds of Arkane:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>

<Gypsy>: The Gypsy Guild strives to bring happiness and morale to the
Kingdom of Arkane through entertainment and personal, as well as, social
interaction. Any with a talent, regardless of what it is, are encouraged to
join. Much of our time is just spent in making new friends and bringing
citizens closer together. The guild also hosts functions, events, balls and
parties of all kind throughout the years, offering you a chance to share
yours skills with all of your fellow citizens.
See Front Page for current leaders.

||Military||: The Royal Arkanian Military, also known as RAM, is made up of
the Navy and Army. This guild protects and defends the Kingdom of Arkane
from all threats, enforces the laws and oversees the prison. While the main
bulk of the guild is primarily made of warriors of various classes, any are
welcome. Cleric can offer their healing spells, mages offer their spells of
protections and enhancement, while the singers can uplift the spirits of
those on the front lines. See Front Page for current leaders.

||Church||: The Church offers religious and spiritual guidance and support toall citizens of Arkane. While clerics will benefit the greatest fromthis guild, any seeking to further understand their God and religion areencouraged to seek this guild out. The members of this guild also offer
counseling to any that may request it. See Front Page for current leaders.

||Scholars||: The Scholars Guild seeks to expand the knowledge andunderstanding of the citizens of Arkane about the realm around them. All are encouraged to join thisguild, as the mind cares not of what class your have taken in your life. Those thatseek to learn new things and share what they already know should consider this guild.
See Front Page for current leaders.

||Tower||: The Tower is the place renowned across the realm for theimpressive skills of the magic it produces. This is guild specializes in those of the mage classes, althoughany would be able to join should they wish. The Towers offers you a chance to study underhighly trained masters of their classes, training you in how you improve your own skills.
See Front Page for current leaders.

<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:Points of Interest in Arkane:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>:<:>

Below are simple directions to many of the important places you may need
to visit during your time with us. All directions are from the recall point
in the temple.

High Priest (Quest Master): 2 North
Haven of Arkane (Kingdom Hall): 1 West, 1 North, 1 West
Bank of Arkane: 1 West, 1 South, 4 West, 1 North
Arkane Vault Access: 1 West, 1 South, 4 West, 1 North, 1 East