Aliases are highlighted in bold, with what they do explained after. If you would like to post a lengthy alias, leave a name in bold and hopefully a link to a .txt file that contains the alias.

pq complete:
#AL com {pq complete} {General Aliases}
- The title says it all, this sends "pq complete" to the MUD, with the simple phrase of: com
Client: CMUD

pq request find:
#AL pqfind {pq request find} {General Aliases}
- This is also explained in the title, it sends "pq request find" with simply: pqfind
Client: CMUD

Protection Evil:
#AL prote {c 'protection evil'} {General Aliases}
- This one casts the spell "c protection evil" with simply: prote
Client: CMUD

Reset (used in conjunction with the void triggers):
#AL reset {void_count=0
#say Void count reset} {General Aliases}
- This is used to reset void_count to 0, so if you're idling and you know you've voided frequently, you can reset it as long as you're at the keyboard.
Client: CMUD

#AL status {#say ======= Current Variable Status =======
#say Void Count: @void_count
#say Position: @posn
#say Bed: @bed} {General Aliases}
- This aliases is used to show the status of all of your variables. In this instance, it merely shows the status of the variables I currently have: void_count, posn, and bed. You merely type: status.
Client: CMUD

Void (used in conjunction with the void triggers):
#AL void {#say Void count: @void_count} {General Aliases}
- This alias gives your current void count so you can see if it is necessary to reset it, simply type: void.
Client: CMUD

#AL void++ {void_count=@void_count+1
#say Void count: @void_count} {General Aliases}
- This alias adds one to your void count, even without voiding. Mainly used to test if your Auto Quit trigger is working, it could potentially have other applications, such as increasing your void count before going AFK just in case you will be gone for awhile and may need it to quit. simply type: void++.
Client: CMUD

#AL void-- {void_count=@void_count-1
#say Void Count: @void_count} {General Aliases}
- The opposite of Void++. It has similar purposes, but is also useful if you wish to modulate your void count without resetting it. simply type: void--.
Client: CMUD

Who Shalonesti_Kingdom
#AL whos {who shalonesti_kingdom} {General Aliases}
- This displays a who list for Shalonesti Kingdom, since who shalonesti is defaulted to the clan, it sends "who Shalonesti_Kingdom" to the MUD, simply type: whos.
Client: CMUD

Whisper Alias:
#AL whisper {pmote ~{wwhispers ~(to ~{c%1~{w~) '~{c%-2~{w'~{x }
- works just like the whisper trigger, just type: whisper name text
Client: CMUD