Poisoned daggers, blessed gloves, glowing rings... what does it all mean?

Flaming weapons do NOT do 'fire' type damage unless they also
have a 'flame' or 'flaming bite' damage noun. It'll add a small
amount of 'fire' type damage to each hit (thats what the extra
line where you "Your enemy is burned by your flaming weapon."
There is also a chance that the smoke from their burning flesh
will blind them for a couple rounds, which will hurt their hit
modifier. Also it can burn up some things in your inventory, like
scrolls, wands, staves, containers, potions, and pills. Also it
can make them thirsty.

As with flaming, it doesn't mean that your frosty swords "slash" is
gonna do frost damage to the fire giant, it does mean a small amount
of frost damage will be added on. It can also make your opponent cold,
thereby robbing them of some of their strength. And when you get cold,
you get a little hungrier. It'll also bust up potions and drink containers.

Does a little bit of extra shocking damage, and also may daze your
opponent a little. Will melt jewelry into worthless lumps, and blow up
wands and staves.

Note on all of the above!
Burn_proofing or mudcoating an item will protect from any and all of the
above affects.

Takes a little of their life, and gives half of it to you. Simple enough. The
damage done to your opponent is given to them as 'negative' damage.

Is kinda like the weapon having its own "enhanced damage". Every time
do some damage, you have a chance to do some more.

Nobody knows. Has something to do with manatonics?
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[ 33] Scorn: Vorpal
Fri Oct 30 13:33:21 1998
To: all

Vorpal weapons can now behead your opponents, although it's a vert slight chance.
We'll elaborate more of this feature later, possible slicing off
other non-sexual body parts. :)


P.S. Thanks to Connor for adding this in about 10 minutes.

Two Handed
Means you have to use both hands to hold it, so you can't hold it and
a shield or dual wield with it. Unless, that is, you're a large race.
(ogre, giant ogre, half-ogre, yinn, minotaur, wemic, bugbear, and I'd assume giants).

Poisons him. So... he'll get a liiiitle weaker, and every tick he'll have
a little damage done.

Has a chance to "weaponstun" your opponent. Much like bashing him.