Abaddon is the Kingdom of the Dead. Raised by the hands of Fatale the God Of Murder and Death,Abaddon is the only kingdom upon the world of Algoron towelcome only those truly evil in nature. The Vampire Queens of Abaddon sit upon the throne here - however the Kingdom is led by its Count and Countess.

Count of Abaddon: Vyasa MieteCountess of Abaddon: Xentessa Miete
Inquisitor of Abaddon: Ruwen Miete
Eidolon of the Sanguine Guard: Catroina Salmund

Executioner of the Forsaken: Sierus Vai'Kel
Admiral of the Hellbringers: Faythe Vai'Kel
Minister of the Obsidian Order: Lilya Vai'Kel
Wizard of the Coven: Rayvenna Baraga


Laws of Abaddon
The Guilds of Abaddon
Hierarchy of the KingdomThe Library of the Blood Lands