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Highland Gallowglass

"The term Gallowglass or Galloglass is an Anglicisation of the Irish, Gallóglaigh ("foreign soldiers"), incorporating the Celtic word Óglach, which is derived from oac, the Old Irish for "youths", but later meaning "soldier".

The gallowglass were a mercenary warrior élite among Gaelic-Norse clans residing in the Western Isles of Scotland (or, Hebrides) and Scottish Highlands from the mid 13th century to the end of the 16th century. As Scots, they were Gaels and shared a common origin and heritage with the Irish, but as they had intermarried with the 10th century Norse settlers of the islands and coastal areas of Scotland and the Picts, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil ("foreign Gaels"). They were the mainstay of Scottish and Irish warfare before the advent of gunpowder, and depended upon seasonal service with Irish lords.

A military chieftain would often select a gallowglass to serve as his personal aide and bodyguard, because as a foreigner, the gallowglass would be less subject to local feuds and influences." Source:

Drafting Requirements: The Gallowglass will NOT recruit any yinn, even to be towel boys. Other than that, feel free to sign up for the draft!

Active Roster: